/History of Bekonscot Model Village

History of Bekonscot Model Village

Bekonscot has a unique place in the world in that it is the oldest existing miniature village in the world with practically all original buildings and designs still in place. Officially opened back in 1929, it was actually the project by a London account named Mr. Roland Callingham. Fast-forward to nearly nine decades later and the proud miniature attraction is still going strong, becoming a premiere attraction Resource for both locals and tourists.

Its History

Development started in the early 1920s, when Mr. Callingham decided that he wanted a miniature kingdom to go along with his garden. At the start, he only had help from the staff members that he had on hand, which included his gardener, his cook, and his driver. The result of their hard work is a depiction of how the rural villages of England would have looked at the time, in tiny form.

So dedicated was Mr. Callingham to the project that the pool he had built for aristocracy to enjoy became the ocean. Eventually, they added docks and soon, boats followed. An extensive railway project was also commissioned from the large-scale model train company, Bassett-Lowke. What they created was a network where an old Gauge 1 would be chugging around.


Bekonscot is not just about hosting families and tourists for when they need to relax either. Since its inception and since it was taken under the jurisdiction of the Church Army back in 1978, the miniature village attraction has been putting a lot of resources into numerous charity benefits. At last count, the establishment has managed to provide more than £5,000,000 to people in need.

As a result of this focus on giving to others, Bekonscot has earned the admiration and adulation of the local populace as well as multiple organizations. This goes a long way towards explaining why it has been around for so long.


Aside from being the longest existing tourist attraction of its kind, Bekonscot also kicked off a revolution throughout the decades, with other places in other countries building their own miniature villages. Of course, the styles, designs, and functions differed depending on the culture of the country. However, it’s undeniable that Bekonscot has created a wonderful legacy.


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