/Group and School Trips

Group and School Trips

Going to Bekonscot as a family is great, but it can also be an excellent destination for group of friends or even school trips. The latter event is particularly common with schools that are close to the site, so children are often treated to the wonders that the venue has to offer. What’s more, the miniature attract is also a great Resource for knowledge with regards to early 20th century life.

Excellent Educational Source

Considering what Bekonscot is meant to represent, going to the miniature village attraction is probably one of the most appropriate decisions if practical education is the goal. The venue simply provides a unique perspective when it comes to how rural villages of England back in the 1930s would have looked like. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain the kind of perspective that would not be possible with books.

Although it won’t help everyone achieve their dreams, it could provide future architects, engineers, or even fashion designers by giving them inspiration. More than anything else, the goal of Bekonscot is to provide visitors with the special connection to the past and intricate knowledge of placements.

Genuinely Fun

If not for the purpose of education, Bekonscot is a genuinely fun place to visit. There are plenty of interesting miniature buildings, pens, farms, animals, docks, boats, and even windmills to entertain groups of young students or friends. What’s more, thanks to the rather detailed nature of the buildings, you can be sure to get a close idea to what the life-sized counterparts of the structures might have looked like.

Plenty Of Opportunities To Make And Share Memories

Finally, thanks to the rather unique nature of the attractions at Bekonscot and the beautiful countryside that it’s located in, there are plenty of opportunities for children to make memories. In an age of smartphones with excellent cameras and high-speed internet, it’s much easier to share wonderful memories with others who might be interested.

Go ahead and see if you don’t get dozens of likes when you post pictures of yourself standing next to a miniature park. It works even better when you use the right kind of lighting effects.


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